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Message Board - Cal Tjader
I haven't been in the salsa seen for too long...almost a year now, so I didn't really know of her. I had first danced with her at one of the Clavekazi socials. I was somewhat a beginner then, so to was nice. She was a lot of fun and quite awesome. She seemed to have a good time, and of course, all the beginner turn patterns I used she followed through nicely. I realized who she was once i saw a clip of her dancing with Salsa Heat at the 2006 LA Salsa Congress. Once I saw the clip, I thought to myself, "I DANCED WITH HER?!?". lol. After that, I would see her often at the CK (Clavekazi) socials. Since I was still learning, the dances could've been better IMO. She would always let me know politely if I was doing something wrong such as "NO THUMBS", "STAY CLOSE AFTER A CBL...NOT TOO FAR", "TURN A LITTLE HARDER"...all the basics in my opinion.  The most recent dance I had with her was on POINT! It was to the song "Viva Cepeda - Cal Tjader". She was smiling, it was smooth, and the song was off da hook. IT WAS GOOD!! lol
After the dance, as always after a dance, I said "Thanks", and she said "No, thank YOU!"...I was kinda happy!
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