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2009 Special Events


 June 19-21 - 5th Annual DC Salsa Congress


July 3-5 - 4th Annual Orlando Salsa Congress

Vianette at the Orlando Salsa congress 2009


August 1 - ClaveKazi Studio 2 Year Anniversary


October 30 - Nov 1 -  1st Annual Philadelphia SalsaFest



November 14- Fairfax, VA

SalsaHolic Saturdays  


November 18- November 25 - Lisbon, Portugal 


2010 Special Events


March 5-8 - Vancouver Salsa Congress 

  April 16-19 - SalsaDeluxe Festival - Münster, Germany

Vianette at the Munster salsa event 2010


May 14-16 - Luxemburg Salsa Festival


June 18-20 - 6th Annual DC Salsa Congress & Latin Dance Festival


July 31 StuckOnSalsa 7 year Anniversary Stuckie Awards and ALL White Party- Washington, DC 



August 20-21 Latin Vintage Presents: Pura Vintage- Richmond, VA

August 6-8 - Rostov-On-Don Salsa Congress - Russia
September 2-5 - Moscow Salsa Congress -  Moscow, Russia  


October 17, 2010 - The Salsa Fashion Show - Washington, DC/Virginia


October 23, 2010 - The Black N Red Salsa Party - Washington, DC/Virginia 





2009 DC Salsa Congress - Ladies' Styling On1

Vianette is just about the cutest little thing. Her class was late in the day on Sunday and we were all a little tired, but she was so peppy and smiley throughout the class that she brought our spirits up and made learning the shine fun. Vianette was also wearing super cute hot pink shoes, and anyone who knows me, knows that is my favorite color and that alone was enough of a reason to go to her class!

Katie -

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