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Vianette and Shaka Brown Workshop in Tokyo Japan E-mail

Vianette and Shaka Brown Workshop in Tokyo JapanWhen I was first asked to help Shaka Brown choreograph a routine for the ClaveKazi Japan student group I did not hesitate to say "yes." At the time I lived in Orlando Florida, so Shaka and I went back and forth from Orlando to Washington DC to choreograph the routine.  Two weeks after dancing and video taping, we sent the video off to Japan. Three weeks later I get a call back from Shaka in DC asking me if I wanted to fly to Japan and train their student group.  What a great surprise!

Vianette Dancing in Miami FL with Troy and Jorjet E-mail

Vianette, Troy, Jorget I first met Troy and Jorjet in New Orleans at the MADI GRAS MAMBO back in 2005.  There is where I was introduced to ON2. After that trip I fell in love with the style and smoothness of the dance and had some time to practice it in Orlando.  It was a great pleasure getting to see Troy and Jorjet again at the Mambo Project held in Miami.  Still nervous to dance ON2 I happily accepted a dance from Troy.  I had a smile on my face the entire time he and I were dancing and then to my surprise his wife Jorjet jumped in and started leading me.  This was a beginners dream dance!! I enjoyed ever second of this dance and I will always remember it. 

Vianette and Chris Soto dancing at the Born to Salsa 3rd Year Anniversary Party. E-mail

Vianette and Chris Soto After performing in Orlando at 8pm I coudnt help but jump into my car and driving 3 hours away to make it to one of the best parties in Miami, The 3 year Anniversary of Born to Salsa.  I made it just in time to squeeze in a few dances, one of them being with Chris Soto from NY former dancer with Hacha Y Machete.  Chris Soto has a style like no other. He is smooth yet quick and knows how to play with the music well.  The song was just perfect it was Lagrimas Negras by Papo Ortega a fun smooth yet up beat song.  I look forward to every dance with Chris Soto.

Fuerza Gigante E-mail

Fuerza Gigante Fuerza Gigante.  Every time I see this routine it brings a big smile to my face.  This was the first congress I performed in, the LA SALSA CONGRESS in 2006.

It is called Fuerza Gigante because the title of the song is Fuerza Gigante by Ray Barreto.  At the time I was dancing with the Salsa Heat Pro Team.  We first heard this song when Andres Echevarria came into practice and blasted this song and said this is the next routine we are doing!  We immediately fell in love with the song and agreed.




DC Salsa Congress 2007

Vianette's class was fabulous! She worked with the ladies on body isolations and helped us to break things down. Then she worked with us on specifically how to use these isolations while dancing

DC Salsa Congress 2007

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